CyberTrack is designed for Autonomous (under 12 years) provide the consumer with the results of the measurements:
• the location of the
car) in four-dimensional space-time;
• shock and vibration loads experienced by the
• the cladding temperature CyberTrack installed on the
   CyberTrack relates to the field of providing long-term Autonomous automatic condition monitoring vehicles not equipped with on-Board power supply system as a location, as under normal operating conditions at specified intervals and in emergency situations by means of global navigation satellite systems GLONASS, GPS and mobile cellular system (GSM) to lock: periodic oscillations (for example, if damage to wheels, etc.), impact loading (for example when passing the brake position car retarders on the roller coaster rail yards, and the derailment of rolling stock from the path, etc.), explosions (detonation dangerous goods carried by the vehicle), the threshold has a predetermined temperature operation (including during fire dangerous goods carried by the vehicle), attaching and detaching the device from the vehicle (during installation and removal of the device).
   CyberTrack allows radio (ZigBee) interview additionally installed on the vehicle device control and measurement for remote transmission of the received data to the consumer through mobile cellular (GSM).
   CyberTrack installed on external obsessional of the vehicle. The vehicles are used in all climatic zones of the Russian Federation and are exposed to harsh environments. Sand and dust, sprayed salt, grease, snow, ice and mud, as you might expect, will cover CyberTrack. Physical shock and vibration normally encountered during handling and transport operations.
   Do not install the CyberTrack on the cover of unloading hatches gondolas!



   CyberTrack made in explosion-proof execution for group IIC and IIIC, the protection level Ga and Da.
   CyberTrack is intended for use in potentially explosive gas and dust environments in indoor and outdoor installations [in mines, hazardous firedamp (methane)] containing conductive dust and hydrogen.
   Electrical circuit
CyberTrack cannot cause ignition of an explosive mixture with probability at most 10-3 in the part of prospective sparks in them (the likelihood of which is at least hypothetically and insignificant, but must be verified by the certification body by means of field tests according to GOST 30852.10-2002 with the introduction of a noise injury) and any thermal effect of electric circuits CyberTrack is not capable of igniting an explosive mixture. CyberTrack has additionally approved "Sealing compound" according to GOST 30852.17 -2002 and GOST R 52350.18 -2006, it structurally, there is no possibility of any bias conductors of electricity, which can cause shorting of electrical circuits, as in the chemical source of electric current, and the whole product in General.  CyberTrack is a simple electrical equipment.
   With the aim of resistance to improving fire and risk of explosion
CyberTrack it were implemented in an additional - optional protections that are aimed at improving security in the CyberTrack buildings and outdoor installations containing conductive dust and explosive gas mixture, when the conscious attempts of the staff to call their ignition and explosion through improper use of the CyberTrack, damage, etc. inadequate measures to impact on him that was not contemplated or expressly inconsistent with the technical specifications and operational documentation.
   To implement additional levels of protection
CyberTrack from vandals it additionally implemented the requirements of standards GOST R IEC 60079-7-2012 "Explosive atmospheres. Part 7. Equipment. Increased protection type "e"." and GOST R IEC 60079-15-2010 Explosive atmospheres. Part 15. "Equipment with type of protection "n".
   Marking of explosion protection
CyberTrack reflects how necessary protections and additionally introduced: 0Ex ia ma nC e II T5 Ga / ma Ex ia IIIC T95C Da.
   CyberTrack fully complies with the requirements of this technical regulations of the Customs Union:
1. TR CU 012/2011 "On safety of equipment for work in explosive environments".
2. TR CU 020/2011 "electromagnetic compatibility of technical means".
3. TR CU 010/2011 "On safety of machines and equipment".

   CyberTrack comprises:
− body made of fiberglass or basalt fibers impregnated with a compound;
− primary (non-chargeable) chemical source of electric current (lithium thionyl-chloride), made explosion-proof;
− the thermostat;
Converter eclectic food;
− microcontroller;
− digital thermometer;
digital accelerometer;
− non-volatile memory;
module EDS (electronic digital signature);
− channel mobile cellular;
receiver radio navigation signals of GLONASS/GPS;
− radio standard IEEE802.15.4;
− sounder;
− the sensor of the presence of a magnetic field (separation).

   Primary lithium thionyl chloride current sources are made explosion-proof. On request, the current sources can be increased or decreased capacity.

    CyberTrack can be delivered to the customer with a standard mount. On customer's demand mount can be designed and manufactured according to special requirements.




   By customer request, CyberTrack can be manufactured in any kind of case, with all the dimensions.


   Dispatch software free. The software can be installed directly on the customer's server and on the server of our company of providing access by electronic digital signature.

   If necessary, the data transmission Protocol CyberTrack can be customized dispatch software customer.